Thursday, 15 October 2015

This week's #mamabakescakes

It was so nice to get some baking done this week. I had an old school friend come over who I haven't spoken to properly for years, well since we were at school so it made sense to do a little bit of baking to mark the occasion. As I knew we would chat for ages and our time together would span from morning coffee & over lunch, I opted to make some cheese scones. I find these really versatile, and great with a cup of tea when they are fresh out the oven.

I just used this simple Be-ro recipe which I think is lovely and always makes great scones.

You guys have been supporting #mamabakescakes really well this week. It has been so nice to see your involvement once again. For me just seeing the bakes gets me thinking of creating my own recipes and I am finding that the kitchen is calling me more that ever!

Top left to right @amyhayden23/ @thegiddybiddy/ @emmahegarty/ @eat_food_simple

This month our sponsor is the lovely Say What You C who will be giving one lucky baker a beautiful personalised bar necklace. I absolutely love mine! So keep tagging and sharing your bakes!


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