Friday, 2 October 2015

Pick-me-up blooms #mamasblooms

Hello all. I am so sorry that last week I didn't get a post up. Poor Etta and I have been super ill and are now both on antibiotics. But we're getting better so we can get back into the swing of normality.
This week is the final one for September and Blondie Rocks is picking its winner for the £50 gift voucher! How exciting! Keep checking her instagram account for her reveal!
As far as participation goes; it always amazes me how many of you are joining in and tagging your pictures. It is fantastic to see all the different looks out there
 and how you all have flowers in your homes. I love the colours and styling. It always helps me in my choices of what I want to have at home.
I have been enjoying getting quite seasonal and having brassicas in my arrangements recently. These are a funny 'flower' as they are actually part of the cabbage family. You can really see the family resemblance!

Having these at home really made me notice some of your autumnal choices. You could see a subtle change in the colour difference in the gallery to what people were having at home: warm oranges and yellows were beginning to pop up so I decided that I would feature a few of my faves!

Top left flojoro123/ Top right capturebylucy/ Bottom left suzythurmott/ Bottom right frenchgreylifestyle

These are all such lovely bursts of colour ready to welcome us into October. I love these kinds of colours but they are not ones that I would usually have in my home. I think I am going to start experimenting and seeing how I can use them around the house. Will share next week if I am successful!
Make sure you all keep tagging.


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