Monday, 26 October 2015

Our Halloween Home

If you know me well then you will know that I have never been into the scary Halloween thing. I could talk about why for ages but it pretty simply boils down to the fact that I just can't understand why we would encourage any kind of darkness on our ourselves or our children. Yes, yes but it's just pretend, etc., but I just can't encourage something that lets people play out absolute horror when we live in a world where true horrors are taking place.
I do live with someone who has always loved Halloween though so we compromise and compliment each other in how we celebrate. We attend parties, welcome trick or treat-ers and enjoy the time where we can get together with family and friends.
I did quite a few posts last year about Halloween if you fancy checking out the archives for but this year I just wanted to share some ideas for decorating the home.

As cobwebs, zombies and blood splatters aren't my thing, I have gone for a much more 'pretty' approach to my home's decoration this year. We went to a fantastic party on friday night with the kids and the hosts had made such an amazing effort! They had displayed cobweb fabric from the entrance gate, over their car and onto to the outside of the house! And with a smoke machine and eerie music playing, the whole scene looked fantastic. I think Rob was thinking "How can I slip this into our house". You can try boy!

Using mainly peachy pink and metallic shades I have been able to display seasonal colours in a much softer way. One of the main pieces to the decoration is the paper letter bunting. I have had this for a few years now and it is still gorgeous. Here is a link to them on Amazon and they are only £13, a bargain!

My homemade ribbon garland is a really easy make, just strands of ribbon tied onto one long piece. It looks really effective with the mix of colours and against the bunting, the colours all compliment each other.

My sequined table cloth was an ebay find. It only comes out on special occasions but it is perfect for this. Matching it with the other metallic shades of decoration we have, I am finding all the different hues are complimenting each other well.
This year I picked up some amazing glass pumpkins from TKMaxx. I know some of you have been able to get some as well. Aren't they just brilliant. The glass really makes them a lovely piece to have, and something that is autumnal rather than just for Halloween.

With a mix of different sized candle holders it creates a lovely neutral scene of colour, very muted making it easy to match to any other colour. I added in some extra fresh pumpkins from Lidl to bring a spot more colour and freshness.

Using homemade bits are also very important. Last year I made some clay leaf imprints which I turned into handy decorations, but in this case I used them to decorate the napkins. I also made a clay pumpkin garland using a cookie cutter and some gold leaf as decoration. It still looks perfect. I also painted some bright orange clay tea light holders in softer colours and decorated them in gold leaf too. I love how they still fit in with my theme.

With pink fresh roses and more decorative pumpkins, our home has a lovely seasonal feel without straying away from the style that I love to have. 

I am enjoying being able to decorate like this for now as in a few years I might have more pressures from the kids to get 'into it' more!!

How do you decorate for Halloween? Do you like making it scary?



  1. I am totally with you on this. I remember my son a few years back being absolutely petrified in Asda's Halloween aisle. How is that fun?

  2. I am totally with you on this. I remember my son a few years back being absolutely petrified in Asda's Halloween aisle. How is that fun?


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