Friday, 9 October 2015

Statement posies with #mamasblooms

Why do we love flowers? What is about them that makes us all just enjoy having them in our life? Is it their beauty? Their natural ability to please us? Or is it that it is something so perfect that we deep down love to look upon blooms and be taken away from all other thoughts of the day? They are so calming, that I find that my mind is almost a blank when I just stop to look at them. 
This week I have had the softest pink avalanche roses dotted about. They look so romantic; that light blush shade is just gorgeous against my glassware.

I still keep meaning to experiment with more autumnal coloured flowers, I need to get more oranges in. What are your favourite seasonal flowers?

I have loved the #mamasblooms tag this week. Nanda's as always has had some little beauties in, and I especially love her fresh pumpkins dotted about!

These are some of my favourite shots from you guys as well!

Top left @french_grey_lifestyle/ top right @littlemaldod/ bottom left @capturebylucy/ bottom right @rebecca_lou_72

This month we are so lucky to have Lindie's Patch sponsoring #mamasblooms. Lindie is a very talented lady who creates gorgeous felt flower accessories. They are so beautiful and so well made. Lindie is going to give a £30 gift voucher to her favourite participant this month and she is offering 25% off her products in her Etsy shop with the code BLOOMS25. Head over to her Instagram to see all of her makes too.

This hair clip is just perfect and sits so beautifully in my hair. And look how cute these collar clips are, they make any shirt look really cute!

Keep tagging #mamasblooms ladies as Nanda and I love how much you all like sharing with us!


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