Sunday, 25 October 2015

My new favourites!

Welcome to the first of this feature. Every so often I want to share my new favourite fashion pieces with you so I have called this "My new favourites!" Hopefully my ideas will help inspire you in your fashion choices and maybe pick up a few bargains!

Bargains like these amazing jumpers that I have just got from Primark. These are a key style this season with the lace up chest and oversized fit. At only £14 each I had to have 2, the oatmeal/ beige and the grey. They also do it in a plum/ berry colour but I thought 3 was too excessive! These are going to look amazing with skinny jeans, in any colour! I am even thinking of getting my white jeans out as they will look great with some light coloured ankle boots!

I have them pictured here with another new item this week. These amazing disstressed Daisy jeans are my new favourite pair. For a mixture of reasons really but mainly the fit is absolutely perfect for me. And I love the style with the big turn up, with the oversized Primark jumpers and pumps these jeans are a perfect compliment for easy styling. What's more perfect about this week's buys are these AMAZING red LIMITED EDITION River Island lace up shoes. If you want a pair I would purchase immediately as they are just so lovely. I literally feel like clicking my heels together in them! 

My final new piece this week was a bit of a treat really for Etta and I to have. I am loving the pompom trend at the moment so I got Etta and I little matching hats from River Island. Don't they look just adorable!

Have you got any new favourites this week?


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