Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sweet scents for good looking skin this Autumn.

It's the same every year; a bit of cold weather brings sore lips, dry cracked skin, runny noses and messy cuticles. 
I always get a bout of these as autumn starts and I don't use moistuisers as much. In the summer I find my skin just doesn't need them in the same way so I get out of the habit of using things. 
You can spend ages stood in boots looking and smelling all kinds of products that are there to keep your skin moistuised to perfection, but I really love Crabtree & Evelyn and they are my 'go to' for moisture, scent and of course, pretty packaging!

Aside from the gorgeous floral or food toned scents, Crabtree & Evelyn just have something right about their products. For me I actually think it is because I find them a comfort as my Grandma has always worn their things so when I smell certain products they just remind me of her. 
I was thinking about heading into the autumn and how a lot of scents often get heavy & full of flavour. I have always preferred the lighter scents and the Parisian Millefleurs perfume has been a favourite of mine for a while now. Mixed with the body wash and lotion in the Evelyn Rose collection, this is a gorgeous way to wear a bit of the more subtle floral smells.

As a florist, keeping my hands moisturised as the weather gets colder has always been a challenge. I find I carry a hand therapy in every bag I take, anywhere. They are great for instant hydration and freshness and I love the Nail Lacquers too for making my hands look extra perfect and cool-weather ready!

Another great product that Crabtree and Evelyn do is the 60 second hand treatment where you get this lovely hand scrub and lotion in a pack. The scrub is great at getting into and rid of the tiny bits of dry skin that run around your nails and across your knuckles. After smoothing them off and then covering in lotion, you get seriously smooth hands. 

As I love giving my feet a bit of love, this foot and leg mist is great after a day in tights and boots. I love using my hand therapy on my toes too. Why not? The La Source fragrance is my absolute favourite. It is so clean and crisp and just has this freshness to it. Ideal for all!

If you are looking for fresh smells and luxury body products, I find that Crabtree are one of my absolute favourites. Apart from my jar of pure coconut oil, I don't really put anything else on my skin!

What do you like to put on our skin in the autumn?


* This was a collaborative piece with Crabtree & Evelyn, but the thoughts expressed are my own. 

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