Friday, 2 October 2015

Sweet treats for cricket teas and #mamabakescakes!

Sorry that I didn't get a post up last week. Poorly Etta and poorly me. This and my Mamas Blooms posts are the first for a week, so I am ready to get back on it as I have lots to share with you all.
As I missed last week, I didn't get to share some of my bakes with you. Don't think I even put them on Instagram! The other Sunday we were asked to make cricket tea for the team Rob plays for. It is such a nice traditional activity to take part in. A very English tradition really, playing cricket on a warm day and then pausing halfway through the match for sandwiches and cake. When Rob and I make the tea it is a split venture, Rob is savoury and I make the sweets. A round of cakes was what was needed so I whipped up a few sponges.

I went for nice fresh summer flavours using fresh fruit, fresh cream and edible petals on the bundt! The CCC stands for Carholme Cricket Club: the name of Rob's team. I just made a paper template of CCC, placed it on the cake and dusted with icing sugar; it worked pretty well!

This week Nanda was also enjoying Bundt cakes. She made this gorgeous one!

The gallery was looking great again so thank you for continuing to join in. I love that some of us are still enjoying the lighter summer bakes and some of you guys were really loving your seasonal bakes.

Top left emer_dreamin/ Top right ewabill/ Bottem left clarina1985/ Bottom right martinamorley11

These all looked fantastic and something that I very much fancied this week as I am ill.
Thank you for sharing ladies. Keep Tagging!

This month we are also really lucky to have a new sponsor. Say What You C have said the will gift their favourite bake a personalised necklace. I had one recently and had 'Daydreamer' stamped on to it. It is so simple and lovely, so a real treat! Follow them on instagram and you will see loads of ideas and gifts that can all be personalised! Also check out their website as there are some great bits on it!


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