Thursday, 1 October 2015

Understanding child's play and becoming one of the gang!

Whilst on holiday recently there was an opportune moment for us to be reminded of how important child's play is. 
Through the field we were camping ran a shallow brook which was perfect for a bit of supervised paddling. Raphael and gang of our friends had gotten creative that afternoon with some rubbish and made 'boats' to race down the stream. It was great watching them and their competitive excitement of whose was the fastest! 
I love seeing children's creativity in making something from nothing. Fortunately the children we were with were all very well graced in the arts of making your own fun. With Rob as director we watched boat races aplenty and spent a good chunk of time playing in the water.
 What I think is most lovely about afternoons like this is that there is so much good clean fun. It really highlights childhood innocence and what it is all about. The enjoyment for such a simple activity shines through and you just know that at that moment children are making memories that they will remember for years.
With Rob as referee and as a 'man to make it all fair' I found it funny watching the children respond to him and listen out for his instruction. Trough the screams of 'I'm Winning' to the grumbles of 'I want to win', (mainly Raphael, his boat was not streamlined enough; tough lesson) it all showed me just how simple it is to delve into play with a mixture of ages and just have a good time.

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