Thursday, 6 August 2015

Your floral pictures are my inspiration #mamasblooms

Here we are, the third week and I can not thank you enough for really making this little Hashtag project of mine and Nanda's amazing. The volume of pictures is breathtaking and the quality and style that is being produced is so inspiring! You lot sure know how to arrange perfectly!

The joy of #mamasblooms is that it allows us to build a gallery that is just full of beautiful blooms and this week I have been lucky enough to work with some gorgeous ones too. For a soon to be posted blog post, I had to make some flower crowns and twirl around in a tutu so I was able to have some luscious blooms around.

Nanda, your garden must be a dream also. Some of your pictures of garden roses and apple trees just make me wish that I lived closer to you so we could be real garden fairies together!

As for my favorites from the gallery this week these are some that really jumped out at me!

These are just wonderful examples of how you guys are sharing flowers in your lives. I absolutely love seeing them so please keep sharing. And remember, Bloom & Wild will be picking their favourite near the end of the month and sending them one of their gorgeous bouquets!

I love #mamasblooms!

Post by Emily

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  1. Thanks so much for including me Emily! I love all your choices and can't wait to see your tutu and flower crown post. It looks very beautiful indeed! Xx


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