Sunday, 23 August 2015

Baking old school and enjoying #mamabakescakes

This week I had a lovely little thing happen as I set out on my baking. Getting the electric scales out of the cupboard to use, I found that the battery had run out. Unable to find a replacement I thought I would pop and ask our neighbours, who we get on with very well. I knew they would have some as they are actually retired bakers, so calling round wasn't a strange thing to do. To my surprise they were still working with a set of scales over 20 years old. As they baked for a job they never needed to do any at home, so Geoff only had his first set of scales that he got when he first started training to become a baker. Taking them back home I placed them on the table and Etta immediately eyed up this new contraption. All the weights were in ounces and for the basic sponge cake I was making, the 4 ounce weight was enough!
So with Etta at my side I was ready to bake. We got everything measured, whisked and in the oven. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Geoff saying that they didn't really bake anymore and that we were welcome to keep the scales. How lovely! My heart melted a little and as I closed the door I just thought that it is lovely having such a nice relationship with our neighbours for an opportunity like this to happen.

Anyway, we made a chocolate sponge slice which was very delicious! I think it tasted that little bit sweeter due to what happened though!

Thank you for all the examples that you have been putting onto the #mamabakescakes gallery! Here are some of my favourites! 

If you fancy heading over to Nanda's Instagram you will see her favourites!
I won't be posting next week on here as I am away but if I get signal in my tent in the middle of a field I will be posting on Instagram so check it out!

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