Monday, 10 August 2015

Like mother, like daughter.

From when Rob and I got married, my friends and I would always joke that if we had children, having a girl would be the most lethal thing for me; well for Rob really.
I knew I would be one of those women who wanted a 'mini-me' and would have a real life dress up doll to enjoying playing with each day. When we had Raphael we were so happy; I loved having a boy, a little dude who became his daddy's best friend; it was lovely. Then once we were pregnant again I became convinced we were having a boy again. Both of us were sure. I just had a feeling and it wasn't until 5 minutes after Giulietta was born, (as we were so sure) that the nurse was wiping her down as she lay on me and I looked down and realised. I think we probably both just melted a little. That moment that I exclaimed it, it became so real, we actually couldn't believe it! It was that moment when I realised that life would never be the same. By the time we were home (less than 20 hours) my mum had been to Next and bought a host of the pinkest things she could! There were tutu outfits, flowered baby grows, just pink galore. It was then that this girl became, well, her mother's daughter!!

I must say, I am not bad at dressing us the same. I just try and keep a similar theme through our dressing, like all wearing stripes or styling our jeans the same way; skinny and rolled up. 
Having the opportunity to have matching outfits is something that brings me such joy and when I discovered that the gorgeous Angel's Face did adult tutus, well, I am sure you can imagine how my brain then started to tick!

Angel's Face were kind enough to gift us an outfit for Etta a few months ago which she has loved wearing. The grey cardigan we got is probably one of the most worn at the minute and the grey anthracite featured just last week on another fashion post. They are definitely items that should be in all little girls' wardrobes. And to be quite honest, all us ladies as well. I mean, are you ever too old to have one? I always look through the children's rails and think: "I wish they did this in my size". Don't you? When I saw that Angel's Face actually live by this theory and that their skirts ranged from ''0 to never too old'', I jumped at the chance to work with them again. They sent us these two beautiful shell pink tutus and I just could not contain my excitement when they arrived! My jeans were off straight away and this went on for a twirl! What I can't get over with these tutus is the amount of netting! I mean, it just flows beautifully and falls around your legs perfectly.

We paired them with denim shirts and homemade floral headbands for our first official Mother/Daughter fashion feature!
I can not stress enough how beautiful these skirts are. I don't need to wait until an event to next wear this. Etta and I will be popping them on most days and having a prance around just because we can!

Thank you Angel's Face for letting Etta and I partake in this gorgeous experience together!

Post by Emily


  1. Oh I love them!!! That colour is stunning... I need me a tutu!!!! xx

  2. Aw, my little girl would love one of these! They are gorgeous!


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