Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why are Clarks desert boots just so classic?

When it comes to boots, I feel that I am becoming a bit of a connoisseur. I Love boots, and at this point in the year I start looking for what the new styles are going to be coming in the autumn. I am addicted to boots. It is really bad but I find they are just the most practical shoe for the colder months.
I have spotted of few pictures on the internet of some classic dessert boots from Clarks. I just thought they were so gorgeous in the different shades of suede that I had to share them with you!
I was looking into how this classic boot originated. It was designed in line with the boots made in Bazaars in Cairo when off duty army officers would use them as their shoe of choice to relax in. The pattern was taken by Nathan Clark and was first made in a neutral beige suede. He was told that the design would never sell but he believed he had a great product so took it to a Chicago shoe fair in 1949 where he created a huge desert like display to show the world what he had to offer.

To this day, Clarks are still making the same boot and this year, their 190th brand anniversary, they have produced 1950 pairs which are all handmade in England and individually numbered! They come with a good price tag but I have also been perusing their other cheaper classic pairs of desert boots and thought I would share these with you! They are all beautiful shoes, designed well and with a rich history of a brand that is dedicate to creating classic shoes for comfort and style.

(From top left to right)

I especially love the ladies patterned ones; would look amazing with rolled up jeans and a chunky knitted top! A pair might just make my birthday list!!

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