Sunday, 23 August 2015

Royal Botanical Gardens, plants and candles.

If you know me well you will know my passion for muted colours and pretty displays reigns in my home decor tastes.
I love changing our mantle piece and I just find that as it is the main focus of our dining are it is nice to keep it fresh and vibrant. 
When thinking about how I want to decorate I always try and keep it seasonal. Last week the weather turned pretty horrible, almost autumn like and I simultaneously found myself lighting candles to compensate the dark afternoons.
The thing is with candles, once you start lighting them each day that passes after you almost feel that you need to continue this little ritual.
Even in August I am enjoying the atmosphere that candles bring on an evening. Trying to steer away from thinking that the Autumn eves are coming, (we still should have a good few weeks of summer left) I have brought in a potted lavender Lavender from outside to bring a sense of freshness and new growth. Candles and flowers are always a perfect match, so bringing my Kew Royal Botanical collection together I have been able to make a scene of calm. I love the Kew Botanical pots. I think that some of the colours they do are just beautiful and I find they really suit our home's decor being slightly rustic and pale in colour. 
I have quite a few bits by them but for this display I just used their medium planter, candle sconces and candle pots. I love how they match each other.

These sconces are so lovely and chunky. They really suit their plant pot siblings and their creamy-shade goes with everything. I have just placed some tiny rose heads around the base of the candles to make them look extra pretty.

The mini plant pots have candles in them and even though they had burned down now I still just fill them with tea lights. The larger planter is perfect for this Lavender but also holds a bouquet of fresh flowers if I wanted it to instead.

With the carnival style letter lights, the whole display comes together. 
For my birthday my mum bought me an extra large pot: one for outside and for putting a tree in. I think I will get a bay tree as it will look really nice against our green cladded extension.

For popping around the house I also have some small pots with fresh flowers in. They just work so well with our home decor and style. I just love them!

I have bought most of these planters from local independent shops in Lincoln. Online there isn't one specific store for all of them so I have found a few links with good selections for you.

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