Thursday, 20 August 2015

Summer to Autumn shoes with Zara

As my birthday is in August it is always a perfect point to get new clothes and shoes to see me into Autumn. Even though everywhere has brilliant sales, I hate wasting my money on things I can only wear for a month before I find it starts to get to cold.
I have loved Zara for injecting some Autumnal trends into my wardrobe. Their shoes in particular are really eye catching. 
I got myself a few pairs recently that fit in with all the up-and-coming trends for the Autumn/winter. 
I love all the glittery trainers I have seen about. These glitter plimsoles are actually from the girls section as they go up to a six. Due to this they are also an amazing price (£17.99) which is way cheaper than all the other high street stores selling similar styles.

Sticking with the glitter theme, I found these glitter boots that are actually amazing! You may ask, "what are you ever going to wear glitter boots with?" Well let me tell you; everything! They go amazing with jeans and tights and as they are still so black they seriously don't look out of place! I am going to love these!

Nice flats are always great for early Autumn, before your feet start getting to cold because you aren't wearing socks! These metal toe-cap flats are almost like a traditional velvet slipper but pointed. I love the length they give and they appear to be just really easy wearing.

Finally, one of the biggest trends around are the criss-cross lace up pumps. These lace up ballerinas are very forgiving and don't cutting into you ankles too much. Sometimes taking something across the ankle can make you look short but as these are a nude colour they blend in just a little and create a lovely detail to your outfits.

These are all so perfect for weather now and through into September. Head over to Zara to see more of their new styles.

Post by Emily


  1. I love all of these, especially the lace up pumps, so pretty! I would normally skip straight past a pair of glittery boots but I love those and can actually see myself wearing them. xx

  2. LOVE the glitter pumps from Zara, off to buy them! Loving your blog too x


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