Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Changing Kitchen Lights

Our house is an old council house & we still have the same council fitted kitchen from when we moved in. It owes us nothing & its items are really practically placed. I often think people change their kitchens for no reason or just for a change, so I'm reluctant to change anything in ours. However, we've always had one central, 100 watt bulb with a very tired, greasy light shade on it. I decided it was time for a change. 

We've got cheap 3w LED downlights in our downstairs toilet & I love them, so we decided to put them in the kitchen. It is a large area (3.5m x 3m) so I thought 12 lights would be a good amount. As I am an electrician, this is an easy task for me to undertake, but if you're not sure; get an electrician to do it. 

I managed to do it only taking up one floor board (which someone had taken up before) in Raph's room & the holes in the joists were already drilled so it was a particularly easy change. In all it took about 4 hours to do with help from Raphael & it makes such a difference to the look of the kitchen, & who knows: maybe we'll get another 5 years out of the kitchen!

An electrician would probably charge you £100-200 for labour for this kind of job depending on access/difficulty of the ceiling plus the materials which cost me about £20 for the 1.5mm cable & £3 x 12 for the cheap LED lights. If you were to get 'decent' fire rated LED lights, they'd be more like £25-30 each!

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