Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fresh Floral Headbands

One of my earlier posts on this blog was one detailing how to make floral headbands. In that post, I wired everything, but to make it quicker and easier I have found an easier method I wanted to share with you!

Floral headbands are always a big thing through the summer, whether they are for festivals or weddings; donning a crown of flowers is something that we all want to partake in.
These headbands were so easy to make and will give you such a beautiful, finished product. They will only last a day though so make them and enjoy them!!

You need:
Floral pot tape, I am sure sellotape will do if that is all you have!
3 stems of ivy long enough to go round your head
Any flowers that you fancy, slightly smaller heads or ones that can be broken down are best. Roses might be too heavy.

Tape the ends of the ivy together then plait the three strand tightly as you would a hair plait. Then tape the end. Measure it around you head and overlap and tape to the right size. Remove excess from the end.

Once you have you basic crown shape pick your flowers and simply slip the stems between overlapping of the plaits. This should hold them securely. You can also feed the stems of the flowers into the twists too.

Simply build up the flowers around the crown in whatever way you want and stop when you are happy with the result!

Pop on your head and feel like the Fairy Queen!

Post by Emily

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  1. Thanks for sharing colorful floral headbands design. These are looking so elegant with the design of nature.


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