Sunday, 23 August 2015

Be courageous with children's wear!

As far as dressing our children goes I always try and steer clear of heavily graphic clothing. I really hate things with TV characters on them, I find them garish and it is not something I like to buy. The only exception ever has been Minnie and Mickey Mouse and that's about it. As far as character dressing goes we leave that to the dressing up box and have the odd day of being someone else. 
When Courage & Kind first contacted me I was intrigued to see what was so special about this branding. The name alone drew me in straight away as it reminded me about how much I loved the new Cinderella film's saying, " Have courage and be kind". It was just so perfect. Seeing their clothes just made my jaw drop. Not only was this a company who are using Disney branding, but you will have never seen it designed so stylishly. The beautiful shades, shapes and artistic work on the boys and girls items was something that made me think that our children would look beautiful In this.
Not only have Courage & Kind created something that appeals to children due to the character printing on them but they make me as a parent want my children to be able to wear items with some of their favourite characters on them. This is something that no product has ever done before. I WANT Raph to wear this Star Wars T-shirt and shorts as its print design is just so clever! I mean, characters hidden under either the flowery pattern is just so ingenious. Etta's little salute to Cinderella with her lovely linen trousers with princess belt and traditional ballet style vest was just simple and beautiful! A real pull on outfit that she could move and play in straight away, I mean check out the muddy knees! 
As soon as I opened the brown paper package tied with string from Courage & Kind I felt that I had found something really precious. Something that will keep my children looking stylish and still allow them to dress their age really is a great find. When children are forced to be "mini me's" in the way they dress (I know, I do it sometimes) it is nice to just find a brand that still is passionate for the innocence and child like love for Disney. 

Congratulations Courage & Kind, you have created the most gorgeous collection of clothing for children. Your individual designs and efforts for keeping it simple yet stylish have really paid off! I absolutely adore this range; you make me feel that I want to wear Disney again!

Giulietta wore; Ballroom VestBlue Trousers
Raphael wore; Stormtroopers TeeCamo Shorts
Have a look at the whole Courage & Kind collection!

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