Wednesday, 5 August 2015

If you see my head about to explode, can someone just stop me?

How does it happen, you know, time actually flying? It's in your grasp and in almost slow motion effect you see it just floating away from you! That's how my life seems to be. It's like you are pottering along fine and then WHAM! No free time, to do list as long as the Nile, housework, functions, celebrations, shopping, exercise, stuff, stuff, stuff all taking up your brain space and leaving you feeling tired and deflated!
How do we women do it? Is it just me or can men handle it all differently? I find Rob asking how can he help and I almost don't know what the answer is.
 I am bad for listing in my head so it's like I get a bit lost in all the ideas and can't see how my usual organised self is going to get through until lunch time let alone the whole day!!
How can I stop it? I think I need to just write it down! Tick list, but actual ones not mental ones! It's the only way to physically see what I need to do! And maybe stopping; stop trying to get so much done might be a good place to start!
At least we are starting the summer holidays, the sun is shining and I can get out and enjoy the heat and how it warms up my soul. It's amazing how sunshine can be a medicine!

It feels so good writing out my mind's thoughts, almost like therapy, I can see the list clearing and how I can tackle my to do's instead of crying about them!

Thank you readers for letting this busy blogger cool off!!

Post by Emily

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