Monday, 5 June 2017

Cheese Plants & Tropical Moods

Never before have I been so attracted to house plants than I have in recent months. I totally love them and the clarity they bring me is something quite strange. They always say house plants are great for bringing peacefulness into the home and I have to say they really do. Often on an evening when we are just pottering around I find myself just stood in the spare room silently pondering on the plant life in there and enjoying the quiet. They really have become a lovely element to have in the house especially going into summer as they also make me feel super tropical. Don't worry, I haven't bought a pineapple plant yet but trust me, it's been in my basket a few times! I wanted to share a love for a specific plant today though and yes, it has cheese in its common name, hence the title of this post! The Swiss Cheese plant or Monstera Deliciosa formally, has fast become my favourite house plant to have. I have two full plants in our home which were bought from a little company on A M A Z O N. Both of these have been totally perfect and have grown amazingly with little effort. As they are a bit hardier, their only need has really been water. That's easy for me to do! I have recently also bought myself a few leaves from a local florist as I didn't want to cut mine back and you know what, I think they might equally last for a good long time. They are quite happy just sat in a vase of water looking ever so cool. 

With all this plant life popping up in each room of the house I am falling totally in love with this natural trend that is making me not only adore the shade green, but I just feel when the sun is shining I could be somewhere far more tropical.
With a few other leafy breeds, I think that my initial love for little succulents has worn off and, for me, it is just about big houseplants now as they suit our style and white house!

Not only is the wonderful sunshine getting me in full summer mode, with the plants and a beautiful arrival of Cath Kidston's new tropical bags, I am full on wishing I was sipping pina coladas!
Part of her new summer collection boasts bright florals with bold greenery and the occasional tropical image: parrots and bananas lead the way and make CK's usual style transform into something a little bit more awesome. Also, their new clothing range has an abundance of bold prints in it and this fab striped jumper is just one of their perfect pieces that complement their tropicana vibe perfectly.  
What a fantastic array of colour and pattern, that I for one am really loving as we head into June!

*Post in collaboration with Cath Kidston.

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  1. Everything looks great. I don't do well with real plants so I have a few silk flowers and a large artificial tree with fairy lights. Does the job. Love the Cath Kidston! Have a great day.


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