Friday, 16 June 2017

Pirate or Princess Ft. GLTC

It's really strange watching children play. You get a real insight into their mind and the things they love or hate. Etta has become so vocal with her play recently and you hear her imitating films and TV shows in her games and it is really funny to watch. A good few weeks ago now I was lucky enough to get the Star Bright Dressing Up Rail as part of our role on the Great Little Trading Co. testing team and I wrote about how much I loved it for me as an adult, but the reality is that this range is fully focused on use for children and there is no better way to display that than popping it in the kids' room and filling it with princess dresses. 
I always feel like I sound like a broken record when I write about GLTC because only positives ever come out of my mouth. It's hard to be critical of a brand that you really love. For me, I find that GLTC give me what I want. Our house is small and so every piece of furniture needs a lot of thought. Our house is very white, and I mostly put in white furniture to match that, especially up in the kids' room and the spare room; it just keeps the flow going and doesn't make items stand out more than they need to. That in itself keeps the house looking clear and open, and products from GLTC always seem to fit in with my specific checklist. They keep shapes simple, light and classic coloured and not fussy which ticks all the boxes for me. The simple designs also mean that children access everything so easily and that is key in my mind. You want children to be able to independently play as it is good for them, so creating products that help children access play easily is also a massive selling point for me.
I really wanted to show you this Dressing Rail along with the Long Mirror and how nice they are as a set for young children. I must say, this mirror has changed the way the children get dressed. Before they never really cared about appearance but just this morning Raphael was stood sorting out his collar on his shirt before he declared he was ready. It's a funny old thing how one item can influence their development. 
The rail is also perfect for young girls with a passion for role play. Etta at age 3.5 can access this easily and almost loves the novelty of Princess dresses being hung up and displayed like this while her normal clothes are away in drawers.

For me, it is another thing that looks great in their bedroom and matches in with the lovely products we already have from GLTC. Our Clouds Rug is still the best rug I have ever owned. It cleans up like a dream and is so soft. And our Pirate Ship and Fort set are played with every day and loved very much by both the kids.

Once again GLTC don't disappoint and have provided us with a few amazing pieces of furniture we all love.

* Post in collaboration with GLTC as our role as Testing Team members.

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