Saturday, 17 June 2017

A quick wardrobe injection.

When it comes to dressing Etta, I find it quite easy. Little girls have the absolute monopoly on clothing and often have the best style pieces which make most of us grown women want smaller versions. She is lucky but it does mean that you also have to refrain when it comes to picking up bits and pieces. Since last summer I have changed my buying habits with the kids and really only stick to certain colours. Blue is a big hit for both, but as we head into summer both children have had a few new pieces that centre around white shorts. Both have a couple of pairs as they just look so nice on a sunny day and I am finding I am teaming Etta's with some tunics that were dresses last year but have just got a bit short. More recently I have been really taken with cropped jeans and that shows in Etta's wardrobe as she now has a couple of pairs of cropped trousers but they look so cute and really are pretty perfect for the cooler summer days.
I wanted to share 5 new items Etta has recently got which are probably going to be the most worn items this summer.
As you can see from the pictures Etta has 3 new tops, a pair of white culottes and some silver sandals. Not only do the trousers go with all tops, these will look great with tees in a variety of colours and so will the shoes. Perfect for teaming with her blue heavy wardrobe already!
The three tops, well, 2 are the same print but so gorgeous and I couldn't decide, and one is perfect for hiding food stains! No, really, as she has some nice white shorts already I knew it would go with them nicely also. The pineapple ruffle t-shirt and the pineapple linen blouse are particularly gorgeous and I just wanted to talk about them first really. Both are from the same print collection and are quite bold for me but as tropical motifs usually come on something garishly luminescent I was really taken by these pieces and others from the collection. I feel the ruffle t-shirt is really casual but the boxy shirt could be worn to loads of things where we need her a bit smarter. It is so beautiful and it has a baggy fit which will be perfect for hot days when they just need something really light to wear.
The grey t-shirt is the same ruffle cut but I loved the shade and with white bottoms and silver sandals I felt it would be a nice t-shirt to add to her wardrobe. 
She looks simply adorable and rather than writing lots about them, I thought I would share a bounty of pictures instead. Links to all at the bottom of the page!

All from N E X T
Boxy Shirt / Charcoal Blouse / White Culottes / Silver Sandals {The pineapple ruffle t shirt doesn't appear to be online but it was new in store.}


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  1. Ooh I might have to get the pineapple top too for Sasha- currently awaiting the arrival of some pineapple shorts from Next! They do such nice clothing for children at the moment x


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