Wednesday, 21 June 2017

2017 Lincolnshire Show

I seem to be spending lots of my time writing, highlighting the wonderful things this city has to offer. I think with all this gorgeous weather and the start of summer, there has been lots to do so we have been getting out and doing them. This city is full of so much history steeped in its amazing buildings but another thing that we are more commonly most famous for is our agriculture. The whole of Lincolnshire is well known for being a popular farming spot and with that comes the vast landscape of flat land cover as far as the eye can see in fields. 
Every year the Lincolnshire Show is a showcase of all things wonderful about Lincolnshire. It is a very agricultural show with acres of land covered in everything from tractors to clothes stores all offering something to the public. Now we have never been in the market for buying a tractor or needing land surveys, but the show offers so much more than just that. It is a true display of everything that we have to offer. Not only does it showcase some of the best schools in the county, it also has a huge educational section encouraging schools to bring kids for the day to experience all sorts of things. They then also have the farmyard where you can watch traditional horseshoes be made and put on giant shire horses' feet. You can see local services, fire, police, ambulance and RAF {Big in Lincolnshire} display their skills in the arenas. With lots of shopping on offer too for all types of things, you then also have all your local societies having stalls and displaying what they are all about. 
The main arena is one of my favourite places as there are so many things to see and with shows running constantly through the day, you often find that you go off for a wander and work your way back there
The food court is one of the busiest areas and for obvious reasons. Not only is there a wonderful amount of local produce here but you have all your street food style vendors and that always brings the locals in. One of my absolute favourite places to get some grub from is Hot Rocks Pizza {always good and so fresh} and The Rolling Scone {Macaron heaven}.

With that all said this trip was especially special for Rob and I. Since Raph started school he hasn't come and last year I went by myself and left Etta with her grandparents. But this year we headed there as a three. Something we have never done before; just had time with us and our little girl. She goes to school in September and I very much felt that it would be really nice to just have the opportunity to hang out with just her. It was always going to be a tricky day with the heat, but to be honest, we took the pushchair and just strolled round all day doing what we wanted.

It was such a nice midweek break for Rob also who took the day off work to come, what a wonderful bonus day outside in the sun!

As a family, this is a perfect day out, no matter what the age as there is so much to entertain them with. It is on tomorrow also but if you miss that you will have to wait until next year to attend!

* Thank you to the Showground team for giving us tickets to this event!


  1. I love your photos. Such a contrast with the weather today for our visit. We also managed to miss the food court. So big wasn't it?

  2. I love your photos. Such a contrast with the weather today for our visit. We also managed to miss the food court. So big wasn't it?


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