Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Castle Adventures!

Recently it seems that we have been able to attend a bounty of great events in Lincoln that has made us love our little city more and more. Having spent an evening at LINCOLNSHIRE SHOWGROUND a few weeks ago watching Razorlight play and having spent 2 occasions at the Castle; one watching a performance of Pride & Prejudice and one last week at the COMEDY FEAST it was nice actually going back to the Cathedral Quarter again this weekend to spend a sunny Saturday in the CASTLE celebrating the return of King William 1st. King William not only commissioned the building of the castle but also collated the information for the DOMESDAY BOOK which is at Lincoln Castle over the summer. With this all happening as well as the Castle already being the permanent home to the Magna Cater there are a lot of events in the city celebrating this. This past weekend's celebrations had a brilliant reenactment weekend of the king paying a visit and looking at the divide between Saxons and Normans. Anyway, there were lots dressed up, battle displays, plays and activities for families to be a part of. Also, after paying to get in, you got access to the Castle walls walk which is just amazing and something I haven't done in years and years and I really enjoyed it. 

It's really nice spending time in your home city anyway, but when the sun is shining, and local landmarks are a hive of activity, there is really nowhere better to be than right in the heart of it all!
I think every one who was working at the castle loved their job and embraced their roles on the day as they were all so happy and eager to talk to you, especially the children, to try to impart their knowledge on them. The kids loved it and watching the displays was fantastic. 
It was the castle walls that won it for me though. I had forgotten just how amazing the view was from the top of the castle. You can walk the entire thing and it is an amazing space to view everything from. You can see the entire city all the way to where it turns into the large flat fields. I found it so inspiring, and just standing opposite the glorious Cathedral gave a beautiful perspective of its fantastic architecture and design.

Once again, this city has entertained us with its beauty and events and I can't wait for the next one we attend!

Plan your visit to the Castle HERE.


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  1. Lincoln looks so beautiful, it would be the perfect staycation this summer!


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