Thursday, 29 June 2017

Channelling Beyonce #StealMyStyle

Most of us would definitely want to be as fierce as Queen B, but let's be realistic, this lady is so inspirational to so many and in so many different ways that even channelling a bit of her spirit on something feels slightly empowering. Recently I got myself a new summer dress which actually resembles an outfit made quite famous from Beyonce's music video for Hold Up. She is a kick ass woman in this video and the yellow dress just bellows around her making her look awesome which was a feeling I equally got when I tried on the Marks & Spencer Tiered Yellow Dress. It was purchased and has become an absolute hit with me finding it is a perfect dress for these hot summer days. It is so floaty that it keeps me cool and I love its midi length and long sleeves as it hides all the bits I am most self conscious about with my body. Marks & Spencer is one of my all time favourite shops. In recent years it has always given me the best outfits and I absolutely love shopping there. I always find they have a few pieces that become the Blogger Favourites too and they have so many collections to suit so many styles. I must say, they are not often well advertised and sometimes I think they style things on the wrong kind of model but if you go in store and actually try it on, I get something every time. Their shoes are also so comfortable and I think everything is a good price for the quality you get. 
{By the way this isn't a sponsored post, these are my true feelings towards M&S!!}

That all said, the M&S summer collection is great and I have a few posts coming which have a couple of other amazing dresses from them in and I can't wait to show you!
The details for this post however are:
D R E S S / {similar} S H O E S B A S K E T / E A R I N G S {H&M}

*Thank you to East Unique for my basket!

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