Monday, 12 June 2017

When Summer Hits

I think we can safely say that we have entered into British summer time. I know last week we were all battling the winds a bit but when the sun's out it is pretty perfect.
This last week marked me finding my feet again in fashion blogging. You may not have noticed, but I personally wasn't pleased with all the photos that were going out and recently I wrote about having to do a lot myself, but since my youngest sister finished her schooling she has given me a bit of her time so that we can head out together and snap a few pics! 
This is doubly great as not only do I like the look of modelling clothes out in the world but you get pictures you could never snap by yourself and with my blogging work head on it is much better for sharing products. 
What is so nice is that I get to do these kind of projects with someone I know and love dearly so throughout our little excursions we are both trying to help each other learn and develop our skill with photography.

So to today's outfit {and pictures} I am sharing one of my absolute favourite pair of trousers. One key trend this season is the wide and cropped leg trousers. At first I was worried about them making me look too boxy, almost cutting you short, but these denim wide leg ankle jeans are my favourite pair of white jeans ever. They literally go with everything and are ideal for this summer season. I have them in blue denim also, and I got them in long as I found the regular just sat a bit shorter than that awkward length I really like. Here I have teamed them with a very old blouse now, but the lovely dull yellow is a perfect summer colour which will go with all your khaki and beige colours which always seem to make an appearance in summer time. 
If you haven't got yourself a pair of sliders yet, well frankly, why not? Slip on sandals are everywhere right now and these Boden ones are great for clashing with a range of colours and prints. Also these are super comfortable!
I have finished off the outfit with a few accessories; Cath Kidston Beach Bag, PINCHBECK watch, Primark sunglasses {KIDS!} and a Swarovski bracelet.


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  1. Great post!I'm in love with the entire outfit.Thanks for sharing such beautiful summer fashion trends with us.


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