Monday, 26 June 2017

Candy Stripes & Ice Cream #StealMyStyle

There is nothing nicer than pulling on a crisp formal shirt. You forget what a nice texture they are against the skin and how nice they look with jeans. I haven't worn this pink striped one for months and pulling it out of the cupboard to team with some white trousers seemed the appropriate thing to do. However, as more love of trying to make something that bit different came through, instead of the simple tuck in approach I opted for a tie instead, which worked as my jeans were high cut. It felt so fresh and summery and with some new espadrilles to add a pop of colour and a classic satchel bag I found myself off and ready to go. It wasn't long however before we realised that the only think missing from the sweetie look was, indeed, an ice-cream so we popped to 'Go Gelato' and tried their Jammy Dodger ice cream in a popcorn cone. It was perfection and not only did it taste exactly like Jammy Dodgers but it was the final accessory to this look!


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