Thursday, 7 May 2015

Table Drinks

I always struggle to find water jugs for the table that I actually like. Glass water bottles are a common feature in most homes now for setting the table with, but paying £7-£10 for a glass drinks bottle always puts me off. I found these beautiful bottles of French lemonade at TKmaxx, in the food section. It is always full of random brands and quirky containers so looking through the rows, I came across these lemonades. The idea of French lemonade was what drew me in at first being a lover of all things French, I was going to buy them with just drinking them in mind, but I then noticed the glass bottles are embossed with 'Limonade Aux Extraits Naturels De Citron France'. 

For £2.99 I bought 2 and knew that after I had enjoyed the drink, I would remove the paper labels and have left a couple of glass bottles, nicely embossed with pop tops ready for filling with fresh water and having on the table at dinner time. I am always looking for ways of creating the countryside provincial look for summer dining. In fact, I am sure that they will also be perfect for taking to picnics and to the beach for stylish summer drinking.

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