Friday, 1 May 2015

#betterwithbrita Recipe No. 3

#betterwithbrita Recipe No. 3

At my sister's wedding Pimm's was the welcome drink that was served as guests arrived at the barn. I love a Pimm's on a warm day: all the delicious fruit and ice filling your glass with a drink that seems so refreshing. Unfortunately as with most things, this is perfect for occasional drinking but for getting that fruity hit every day, why not change the Pimm's to water? I know, it is nothing like it but this perfect choice of fruit really makes you feel that there is some Pimm's element to it.

I really love cucumber in cold drinks. It is so refreshing and with the lemons, strawberries and mint leaves it all looks like it should be heading towards the Pimm's jug! However tasty that would be, the ice cold water is so refreshing and good for you, it will leave you hydrated and ready for fun in the sun.

I find these fruity waters especially refreshing at work when you feel yourself beginning to lag and find yourself wanting to eat a sweet treat.

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