Thursday, 14 May 2015

Disney On Ice

As a thank you for helping out so much at my sister's wedding and in their new home my sister got us tickets to take the children to see ''Disney On Ice'' at Nottingham's Capital FM Arena.
I had been looking at tickets so it was a lovely surprise when she said so had got them for us!

I tried to tell the kids about it but I don't think they could quite understand. In the end we left it and didn't talk much about it until we got there.
The arena was full of excited young children all waving light up wands and dressed up in a selection of princess dresses. The toy stores had crowds of people around them and Raph was desperate to get an over-priced plastic sword which Rob and I refused him so we had tears before we even got in properly!

Etta was just pointing at all the other girls' dresses; I think she just thought they were all princesses! With one child engrossed in everyone else and another still crying we headed up to our seats. They were high up but gave us a great view and there were a few empty seats around us so we were able to spread out a bit. 

Once we sat down I produced a range of glow sticks that I had got for the kids from Tesco as I knew they would want something and I wasn't going to buy a £20 sword! These saved the day somewhat for Raph and was much happier. Etta, by this stage was sat ready for it all to start. They could see everyone else's light-up objects and were waving theirs around. It was so nice to see them getting excited about something that they probably couldn't even imagine was about to happen.

Then as it started they both were just mesmerized by the skaters and of course by Minnie and Mickey Mouse who 'Hosted' a talent contest between a few famous characters performing dances to the most famous songs and scenes.

What I couldn't get over was Etta's reaction. It was just magical, she didn't stop grinning and clapping for the first half. It was 45 minutes long and she just sat in her seat mesmerized by it all. Waving at the characters and wiggling her bottom, It was just perfect!

It was so hard to capture a good picture because of the lighting but this expression was there for the whole time.

For a 1.5 year old I was really impressed but after about 10 mins into the second half they got fidgity and wanted to move around a lot more. This was fine as we had space for them to move in the aisle but you could tell that their concentration had passed. That was until the finale which was of course Frozen, so Etta was once again watching and singing along.

We had a great time and as we had managed to get a great parking spot just outside, we had none of that awful after show traffic. 

I think as a adult, it was great to watch and see the artistic performances; as a parent, it was a magical experience seeing our children's reactions.
If the performances are available near you, I would encourage you to see. It was a really fun and something very special for us to remind the children about when they are older.

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