Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Brick Dust & Glitter's 1st Anniversary

Wow! I cannot believe a year has past since we started this blog. It is amazing to think about what we have done, how we have grown and how our lives have changed. I have been looking through some of our older posts and it's amazing to see what we have done in the last year. 
I feel that it's improvement and popularity is all due to the support we get from our followers, family and friends who constantly tell us how much they love seeing what we are doing. I personally feel so amazed that people love what we do and how they are so inspired by us. 
Even through the days when I think that we probably should have never started a blog, I find that I only think about things I want to share with you all. As I naturally love being creative in so many aspects of my life, the blog has helped me share them and all I have ever hoped is that we encourage people to also try and be more creative.
I have found the kindness of companies who have started using us to share their products to also be quite amazing. Their generosity in gifting us lovely products to try has been really eye opening for me and I am thoroughly enjoying being part of wide spread teams working together.
What this blog is really teaching me though is to be thankful: for all we are given, for all the people who choose to follow us and for all the opportunities we have as a family to spend more time together and to build on our life together.

Having a look back through our archives I have picked out some of my favourite posts to share again so any new followers can have a look at some of our back catalogue!

These are just a few of ours, I suddenly realized that I would end up posting the lot so I will just leave you with these to browse through. You could always head to the archives list on the side and find them all!

Thank you once again for the continuing support; lets see what the next year brings! 

Post by Emily

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