Monday, 11 May 2015

Walk To Work Week In Association With Clarks

I am sure lots of people have pretty walks to work but I think mine has got to be up there as one of the nicest! Not only are Lincoln Cathedral quarters one of the prettiest around but I am lucky enough to work in our family florist which is just heading down Lincoln's famous Steep Hill. 
The whole uphill Lincoln area is notoriously pretty with the Bailgate, Steep Hill and The Strait all leading people to The Cathedral one way and to the town the other.
My walk to work surrounds these areas; once I leave the side streets I hit one of the main roads to the Cathedral and that is all I can see for my mile walk. Once I hit the Cathedral I am then greeted by not only this great towering church but just across the way is Lincoln Castle which really allows you to absorb the rich history this area has to offer.

As I said, I am sure there are equally pretty walks to work but for me this is pretty spectacular.
This week 13th-17th is ''National Walk To Work Week'' where we are all encouraged to live a little greener and take the option to walk to work instead of using our usual modes of transport. Now for some, this is going to be an easy thing, like me, but for others it may be harder due to where you work. I think it's about trying really and giving yourself a little challenge by not parking in the office car park but a bit further away and walking in!

I think any distance of walk that you can do is great, not only is it good for your health but it also gives you time to get rid of any morning anger and prepare yourself for your job. At the end of the day it gives you time to leave your work behind you and look forward to seeing your family and just devoting yourself to them. I find that if I am annoyed I can vent it on the way home and the fact that I have got rid of my annoyance makes me a much nicer person to be around. 
We all know that exercise also releases endorphins which will make us all feel better. So get out and try walking to work this week and join thousands of others doing the same thing! 

As a fashion conscious mum I was really pleased when Clarks contacted me telling me about Walk To Work Week and gifted me a pair of  their shoes. They are perfect for my mum style and keeping my feet comfortable on my walk to work. I am already a fan of Clarks and recently purchased some Pink slip on (Glove Puppet) shoes which I love!

Clarks are a household name now and we have probably all had a pair from them at some point in our lives. They are able to capture on trend styles with practicality and comfort making them one of the best high street shoe retailers about. Here are some of my favorites online now so why not check them out and get walking to work this week.

Left to right; Pewter Busby Folly, Pink and beige Romantic Moon, Silver Taylor Plam, Yellow Coll Beach, Silver Lydie Hala, Pink Glove Puppet

If you want to see more of what Clarks has to offer click HERE!

 Keep an eye out on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see what I am wearing for walking work this week.

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