Friday, 15 May 2015

My Style #mumstyle - Mama Mules

I am not going to lie; I never thought I would be into this mule thing. In my head they were dated and definitely not a fashion item that I was ever going to own. However, when I saw my Auntie the other week she had on this exact Zara pair and I couldn't help but be utterly attracted to them! She came down the day before my sister's wedding to help with setting up and she was walking over gravel and running about with no twisting ankles. I thought, "hold up, I am converted". She is a very stylish lady and she was wearing them with white jeans and a white tee and just looked amazing! She very much inspires me every time I see her!
That night I went home and ordered a pair! I know; I am so impulsive but it was based on a very good review. So comfy that she spent a whole day walking around York and shopping in them. If this isn't the ultimate Mama mule, I don't know what is! They are real leather and the platform style sole is really stable. The espadrille effect is also perfect for summer, making them easily casual and perfectly on trend for my #mumstyle!

I have teamed mine with old Zara jeans and a white tee, get the shoes here.

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