Friday, 22 May 2015

Home Made Cake Toppers

I was very much inspired by Pintrest when I was thinking about what I wanted to do for Rob's birthday cake. I always find it hard making a cake masculine when it isn't a themed cake. For ease I did a three layer victoria sponge and then covered it in blue butter cream. 

After looking at Pintrest cakes I decided that I could easily make something for the top myself. There are so many great ideas and they could all be used for either gender and make a cake a bit more personal.

Knowing I had a draw full of kebab sticks; I got out my heart and dot hole punches and some metallic card and got popping out some shapes.
I simply taped each shape to the top of the kebab stick and that was it!
The finished effect was simple and pretty and with some gold and silver balloons we had it all matched well.

Post by Emily

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