Wednesday, 13 May 2015

'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' Tea

When Rob asked us what we wanted to do on bank holiday Monday afternoon, we were both quite surprised at the answer Raph then gave us. He stated, while sat round the dinner table, that he wanted to go to a cafe for sauages, chips and ice-cream. This is possibly the answer for a lot of children, a dream tea perhaps, but we knew that for Raph this was quite an itelligent thought and actually after our initial gasps of "Oh really" and "Well, we will have to see" we realised that he wanted to go out to a cafe for tea like they do in Judith Kerr's book 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'.
This is one of our favorite bedtime stories so it has been read numerous times and Raphael knows it very well. If you are unfamiliar with the story; a big tiger visits Sophie and her mum and asks to have some tea with them. He is so hungry that he eats all of the food in their house and even drinks "all the water in the tap". After leaving, Sophie and her mum set about cleaning the house but realise that there is nothing left for Daddy's supper on his return from work. After regaling the days events to Daddy once he gets home, their only option was to head down the road to a cafe where "they had a lovely supper with sausages, chips and ice-cream". 
As Raph's suggestion for what we were to do was so utterly gorgeous, there was no way that Rob and I weren't going to follow through and find a cafe for an afternoon treat. 
It took us a while to come up with somewhere to go as I am a bit more of a 'cream tea cafe' kinda girl .
After having a little think, and obvious cafe closures due to it being a bank holiday, we went to Elite Fish and Chip restaurant in Lincoln (we referred to it as a cafe) as I knew that they would be able to provide sausages, chips and ice-cream.

It was just what we wanted and the food was delicious.
This was a real bank holiday treat and we had such a nice time eating out with the children.

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