Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Copenhagen #ONE {Our Visit}

This was more than just a trip for us. I knew that I wouldn't be able to write down our experience in just one post and I knew I didn't want to either. I didn't want to just cram it all in as I knew I would miss things and I wanted to try and relate everything we had experienced as it was just amazing. And I suppose we found it so amazing because we already had an inbuilt affinity with the place. We also had actually been planning this trip for over 3 years, talking about it, planning and even just being aware that it was on the horizon made it even more satisfying for us. A big fat tick on our life list was crossed off and it is safe to say we were heartbroken to return home. I think we fully believe that if we had no responsibilities we would not have returned. One of those trips where you arrive somewhere and are instantly comfortable, like you are meant to be there. But a lot of us get that feeling when we travel and that is the beauty of it, that learning and experience which teaches you so many things about the world, others and yourself. It is a wonderful thing. It's something which we all need; the time away to learn and grow. We do all need that.
In this post I wanted to introduce our trip. I have posts about food, attractions, architecture and flowers all to come and what's wonderful is that I have such an abundance of pictures that I am so looking forward to sharing that this is simply the start, number one.
Copenhagen has been on the cards for over three years, a decision I made to celebrate my 30th birthday. I still have a month to my actual birthday so this was an early treat to start celebrations. So why Copenhagen? I have loved Scandinavian inspired styles for a while now but it was actually a food show that got me interested in the first place. Copenhagen has been moving up the charts as a must see place and there seemed to be a buzz about it that was developing anyway so I think going now was perfect timing. 
What's it like? Everything you could imagine. It is a different way of life. One that very much has hygge at the centre of their everyday culture. Always creating that want for happiness. Obviously we are looking at this whole experience through rose tinted glasses as tourists but we have to honestly say that what we experienced was really perfect. People were kind, everyone spoke English and the vibe that was around was just exhilarating. You can feel it; their culture just oozes this coolness that really makes you want to be part of it. 
Food was amazing, views were amazing, people where happy to help and everyone did it because they wanted to. 
Any time away as just a couple is wonderful too. We could have gone anywhere and had a brilliant time as it was just us two but when we landed back at Stansted and walked outside the airport we had this overwhelming feeling of loss. In fact we decided that if we had had no responsibilities i.e. kids we would have stayed. It was that profound a trip in a culture we just love which made us feel so at home. And that was also what was funny, how I have more recently been styling the house and trying to be more minimal is a key trend over there and in a way it did feel like a home away from home. Having had the wood burner installed last year and covering the sofa in sheepskin rugs, they were just familiarities which were also normal and that in itself drew us into a deeper level of comfort. 
It is hard to talk about travel without sharing what we did but as there was just so much I really feel that can be the next post. What we did though was spend 4 days walking the streets of a city that truly inspired us and has given us the most wonderful memories.
I have included some pictures that will hopefully tease what's to come! 


In this post I also just wanted to include our travel experience. For the first time ever we used a travel agent! Yep! It was great though. Rob organised it all and contacted Co-Ooperative Travel and all we needed just arrived in the post. It made the organising of travel part so easy and they had all our documents printed and organised as necessary. I would definitely use them again for something like this. They were great.

Watch out for my second post which will contain more about our trip!

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