Monday, 3 October 2016

Disney's NEW Elena of Avalor

When it comes to watching TV we are Disney Junior advocates. We only really watch these shows and have done since the kids were young and it has always suited them. I think our favourites are Sofia The First, Curious George, Miles From Tomorrow and The Lion Guard which all cater for both kids and they really enjoy watching these. I especially love Sofia The First as there is always a song in each episode so as far as getting that 'High School Musical cheesiness', this show hits the right buttons. 
However, this morning (1/10/16) I think all our heads were turned to the Disney Channel's new show Elena Of Avalor, wow wee, this looks fantastic! This is Disney's newest princess series which has also brought to life Disney's first Latina princess. This is the story of a princess wanting to be Queen before she is ready. The show goes live this week on Sky's Disney Chanel but this morning we were able to get it On Demand and I am so glad I looked! It was Raph who really wanted to see it and had been asking since he first saw the advert a few weeks ago. But to all our surprise, the four of us sat and watched it and quite simply loved it. With its own musical numbers, fantastic animation and great characters, I feel that this is quickly going to be all the kids want to watch and we already can't wait for the next episode!

What is more wonderful about Disney's newest princess is that there are so many look similarities to the Frozen princesses and to Tangled's Rapunzel, which are some of my favourite animations, so for me (yes as a 29 year old) I am really drawn to it!
What is it about Disney's style that still draws us adults in? I just love it when TV is good for kids and when fairy tales can be confused for real life and portrayed so brilliantly. I also love a good sing song to a Disney tune, so safe to say, I am hooked!
I think for all of us, one of the characters is called Gabriel', "Call me Gabe," he says, which is the name of my youngest brother and the kids favourite uncle (sorry to my other siblings, but it is true) so I know he will be a favourite character for them so we hope to see him more!

Enjoy Elenor of Avalor now On Demand and make sure you series record. It's going to be a good one!


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