Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Pinterest Diaries #2: The white pumpkin!

I am sure that I am not the only one, come halloween time, who wishes for more tasteful seasonal decor. My biggest want is always paler coloured pumpkins that the Americans always seem to get bundles of. I know a lot of them aren't actually pumpkins, often different seasonal squashes and gorges, but we just don't get them over here in the same way.
Something about how the Americans do halloween has always amazed me. Not only are they pictured to have the best Halloween parties, fantastic costumes and entire streets trick or treating, but their house decoration seems phenomenal! I am of course totally addicted to the softer shades, in fact mainly white but I still think the effort that seems to be put in looks amazing!
It is because I have always been jealous of those American porches, they always look so pretty and if I were to ever build a house it would have a veranda, with a swinging bench and plenty of room to decorate for events. Pinterest once again has been on the top of my viewings this week. I am really enjoying having to go on it and free my mind by just browsing ideas. It is a great way to escape and thinking about pumpkins and home decoration, I have created a new board: A white Autumn which has become a mood board for knitted jumpers, pretty pictures and lots of PUMPKINS!
It is these pictures that have got me stopping at all of our local supermarkets on the hunt for any light coloured squashes. Unfortunately, I have only found one, one pale green coloured round squash that is only just sufficing my pumpkin needs! I am going to have to keep my eye out! 
What I love about this kind of decor is that it is a really neutral for the whole of October and into November. We celebrate thanksgiving which is enviously another big American celebration and that focuses very much around fruits of the land and their infamous 'pumpkin pie'. So for me decorating with pumpkins isn't just about halloween, but more for the whole autumn season. And this is why I am so fond of this more white look because it is a beautiful way to display autumn in the home all round! 
As I mentioned my newest Pinterest board is all focused on white autumnal loveliness, so head over and follow us and have a look at all the pictures I am adding to it! 
And if you want a taste of them now, just scroll down for pumpkin prettiness! 

(All pictures via Pinterest)


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  1. Love these! There is definitely something extra special about white pumpkins. I've seen some recently...can't remember if it was Sainsbury's or Lidl, but one of those is definitely selling them.


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