Saturday, 29 October 2016

Our Saturday In Pictures; The Most Colourful Parade!

Celebrating Halloween is always a funny one for me. I am not big into it, but I do enjoy following certain aspects of it. I think it was last year that we got into celebrating Day Of The Dead a bit more, the Mexican tradition of Dia De Muertos; when departed loved ones are remembered.
What is lovely is being able to have these cultural experiences close to home as well and this year a small group of actors spent a few days in town putting on a little craft workshop for children to make headbands and then lead them in a little parade around the old market area in Lincoln.
It was only a small thing but the team were great and had some fantastic music accompanying the procession. All very Hispanic and all with their fab costumes, it really was an enjoyable Halloween experience. 
As it was only on for a short period of time I just thought I would share loads of the pictures I took as they were wonderfully colourful and it was a really great event!


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  1. Wonderful, colourful photos! You must have loved Daisy's and Aljaz's costumes and make up this weekend!


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