Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#BDAGwears Nude Cashmere

I decided this year that instead of spending money on normal (cheaply made) knitwear that I was going to begin to invest in cashmere and slowly grow my cashmere wardrobe (by slowly I mean like over 10 years; the stuff is expensive!) My mum and grandma pretty much live in the stuff, they have always classed it as a high quality, luxurious and pretty much only way to keep warm in the colder weather. They see it as a necessity and spend their winter wardrobe money on a few new cashmere pieces each year. And I am very envious. It is the softest knit and it really does go with everything, but when you are spending at least £75 (and that is the simplest crew cut from M&S) you need to know that it is good, will last, and will be worth the money. My mum says that she has found the M&S range to be great quality for the price you pay. She says: the fact that it washes well (even though you shouldn't wash it that often) keeps its shape and is usually under £100, you really can't beat it. Cheaper stuff is rubbish and more expensive can also be rubbish, but it can also be the creme de la creme too. My mum also shops in The White Company and loves their knits but their prices are much higher, which is fine if the style suits and the pieces last, which she finds they do. 
I must say I have taken on board what my mum says about cashmere. I have two M&S jumpers and a The White Company polo, but I have also bought cheaper, like F&F at Tesco bring out a range each winter, but my jumpers have definitely shrunk, just slightly, but they are cheaper. I have also had a few pieces from ebay, which is a great place to get bargains which have been fine. This newest one is by H&M though. In a way I am not overly sure why I got it, I mean I love the colour and cut as it looks great with high waisted stuff, but H&M are notorious for not great quality and sizing issues. However, I am so pleased I did get it, I love it! It is a great style piece to add to my collection, it will look great with jeans as well as denim skirts and boots and I just love the neutral colour. At this point I haven't washed it yet but fingers crossed, that will be fine too. 

My only bit of advice that has been passed down that I would pass on would be to get a cashmere comb to just help with bobbling. Now this is after constant wear and I mean, you need to wear it a lot to get bobbles but if they come, you can just brush this over it and it lifts them off. Apparently it does the fibers good to have a brush every so often as it keeps them super soft. 

Anyway, this is my new H&M Jumper styled with high waisted MOM jeans and ASOS ballet flats. Easy, minimalist and slightly girly due to the shade of the jumper and ribbons on the shoes!


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