Friday, 14 October 2016

*Woman Crush* Emily Blunt

I have been wanting to share my most recent *Woman Crush* for ages and have only just got round to it, but it seems right, as this evening I am off out to see Emily Blunt's new film 'The Girl On The Train'. I have liked Emily Blunt for some time now, ever since her 'Devil Wears Prada' days and when I saw what she wore to the premier of her newest film I was desperate to share her look as I quite simply thought it was stunning. 
The Girl On The Train is a new mystery thriller based on the book by Paula Hawkins which is about a woman who has recently divorced, fantasizing on her daily commute about a perfect couple who she passes each day until she sees something happen there and becomes involved in the mystery of what happened. It is not my usual cup of tea, but it just looked so exciting, so I wanted to see it!
Anyway, actually back to the point of this post which was to almost celebrate Emily's look at the premier, as I said, I really love it and I wanted to share some fashion inspiration!
Everything from Emily's simple smokey-eyed make up to her hair in a gorgeous up-do was perfect and I really thought that it was a great look for taking into the winter. With the bright embroidery and beading on her dress I felt that this very girly look was carried off with such style and almost, old school glamour effect.

Emily's beaded Alexander McQueen dress, which was designed by the brand creative director Sarah Burton, is truly stunning and a dress that had true beauty in its design. Well done Sarah Burton; what a job to have, I am horribly jealous!!
Anyway the whole look was just perfect and one I had to share for my most recent woman crush!


(All pictures via Pinterest then edited and cut to size by myself. I take no credit for the pictures though.)

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