Friday, 7 October 2016

Statement furniture to brighten up your home; *THE PINK SIDEBOARD*

I know a lot of you have been waiting to see this one. Who would be so bold as to paint a beautiful piece of pine furniture pink of all colours? Well I have to admit, I didn't think it would be me!
As I sat that beautiful September morning desperately itching to paint something, I considered popping out to our local Farrow and Ball stockists and looking at their gorgeously muted grey tones to repaint the side board, and I suddenly realised just how ridiculous I was being. Not only is F&B too expensive for me, I literally would rather spend that money on boots or something. But, we had a shed full of paint from projects and if I was going to paint I had to do it with what we had so it wouldn't cost anything! I knew we had grey, but I wanted something different and then I thought about pink. Our picnic table is painted in pink and it is a colour I love, so with the re-whiting of the white walls I felt that pink could be a good choice. Anyway, it is just paint and if it looked rubbish I had every faith that I could fix it!

Now the outside to our extension is wooden cladding and so is our shed and we have always used Cuprinol outdoor paints for these. We love the shade they offer and they genuinely work fantastically. 3 years on the wood and the colour still looks like it was only painted last week, so this paint is good!
The picnic table looks great also. I used Sweet Pea (the colour on the website looks nothing like it) and it looks beautifully fresh and summery; a perfect colour for a picnic table.
Anyway, I had about 1/4 of a can left and this is where it went....

Now this paint is fully weatherproof; not much use for an inside piece of furniture, but actually for me, that meant that this would be wipeable in theory. Our kids shoes/jackets/hats/scarfs and our swimming gear are all in this so it has daily use, hands on it all the time and lots of knocks, so painting it with something a bit more robust really appealed to me. 
Obviously a pink side board was not what Rob was expecting when he walked in, but the guy has embraced it and you know what, it totally suits us.
The style of the house has definitely transformed from a wannabe cottage, which is what we started with 7 years ago, everything shabby chic, to a more modern, minimal, slightly contemporary feel. I think we have embraced the house a bit more and you can't have a country home in a smooth, clean extension. 
This pink sideboard actually brings colour to an otherwise muted room and I simply love it. 

Removing the mirror that was sat on it and keeping what is placed on it to minimum, it also opens it up much more and completely changes its look. The new sash window mirrors also bring a different look to the whole piece making it brighter and sleeker.
Overall I love the pink, and it is great for now, it really suits us and it has made the house feel fresh for winter. 



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