Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Autumn's Treasures - A Day At Grandma's

Once again I feel like I am bragging about the weather in Lincoln. It seriously delivered a very good summer and now autumn is turning out to be pretty perfect too! In fact it would only seem in the last week that I felt cold on the school run and that I genuinely needed a coat. That all said, my Autumn has been so full of colour and stereotypically autumnal things and this year, more than ever, I really feel like I have noticed it which I love. 
When we were out at my parents' house recently we all got a real taste for a perfect autumn day. 
My parents have an orchard; some may see this as a fruitful (quite literally) blessing, but I, having spent most of my childhood having to pick and eat a lot of apples, wouldn't say it is my favourite thing to do, but those apples need harvesting, and one day doing it compared to many as a child is quite satisfying really!
Anyway from picking apples to collecting a basketful of conkers, our day was really rather special.

I feel what is most important to recognise is that autumn is quite simply wonderful. I took a wander just down to the pond and around the house and couldn't quite get over just how lucky I am to have such beautiful family grounds that represent the seasons so well. Having 36 apples trees, half a dozen other fruit trees, ivy, creeper, conker trees and hidden rosebushes, what was for so long my home really reflected the wonder that is autumn. Maybe this year, more than ever, I appreciated it, as the blue skies were bright and as the sun poured down it truly highlighted this space where I had grown up.

I think Mum and Dad would both agree that when they first saw the house all of 22 years ago they had no idea that moving their 5 children from up north would give us all such an amazing upbringing. The space to run around, being in the middle of the Lincolnshire countryside and having no bother than that of tractors from the farm yard next door. This space houses so many vital parts of us all. 
I think it was watching Rob and Raph up the apple trees that made me think about how long it was since I had maybe climbed one, or even played properly in the garden. Thinking about getting tennis rackets out and hitting rotten apples at siblings or just helping collect barrowfull after barrowfull that would be piled up, peeled, stewed and shoved into the freezer ready for a winter of apple crumbles. 
It is funny what you don't think about until you are reminded of such events.

Having that Saturday just outdoors, then enjoying the cups of tea and company really satisfied me. My Mum and I went out on a walk as well and just viewing the miles of muddy fields after they have been plowed and readied for the next year of growing just seemed like a perfect autumn, Lincolnshire day.

Our harvest indeed was very bountiful and the happiness it brought me was immeasurable!


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