Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Love your little home; a roaring fire.

I think at the forefront of most bill payers' minds as the weather gets cooler is "How long can we brave it without central heating?" I must say, we have been lucky, but we are in a small house with an almost conservatory like extension which brings a lot of warmth into the house. To this point (30/9/16) we are yet to put the heating on. How long will it last? Who knows, but for the meantime enjoying this warmer September has also been saving us a few pennies. 
Heating and lighting a home are probably the top things to think about on Rob's house list. Mine are more thinking about how a lamp looks in a certain place or if that cushion sits well on that sofa. Yep, we differ slightly on home needs but I suppose in reality Rob's more essentials list is more important. 
When we first planned extending, probably nearly 4 years ago now we were always planning on putting a real wood burning fire in. I always wanted a log burner with the chrome flue on show. I just loved that look, the one that you usually see in all the magazines. So the build went on and we had in our plans and minds where the fire would go. But unfortunately, something that we hadn't fully contemplated was the rules, like how we would have to have a 4m chimney from the roof of the new extension where we had wanted it as it would need the draw. A 4m chimney, I don't think so. With a few other little unforeseen things highlighted it suddenly was literally put on the back burner and we left it with a mind to eventually put one in. 
However, exactly 3 years since completion, we are getting one! Having moved spots where we would have initially put it we have had the lovely Daniel, from Ignite Stoves (locals in Welton) come in and OK its new positioning, thus starting our journey to having a real wood fire. 
It is really exciting, I always wanted one, and one very much as a feature in a room where you could enjoy seeing the flames and have it as a display. 
The following part of the process would be deciding what to have. I love the idea of Cream fires, I mean, such gorgeous light colours. Why not, but Dan very practically pointed out, ''They get dirty.'' And really dirty. Did that matter to me? I suppose not but when we looked at the room and how clean and clear it is with all the white walls, we needed to pick something that really suited our style. As much as the Country Homes range from Charnwood was calling to me, our house hasn't got that character. So we have decided on something much more sleek. Much more efficient. And as far as wood burning technology goes, this is the newest, ground breaking, creme de la creme oven one could have. With our new passion into white, minimalist trends, this burner sure fits the bill, but don't think it is something hi tech in looks, it is just simply a very Scandinavian inspired burner that will happily fit in with family life. I can't wait for installation! In fact since painting our rooms very simply in white matt paint the entire look has inspired us so much more than we could have ever thought.


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