Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Pinterest Diaries #1

All I wanted to do with this blog is share. Share ideas, share our passions, our adventures and sometimes just down right cool things. I have found such love and inspiration from places like Pinterest and I know I want to use it more thoroughly as another great platform for the blog, so I am going to share my Pinterest Diaries with you and would love for you to follow us on Pinterest and find inspiration in what I am pinning. 

At the moment I have one clear thing on my mind and in a way Pinterest is to blame by offering me too many pictures of inspiration. I am really falling in love with Scandinavian trends and lifestyle and it is a look that I am so inspired by. Pinterest, you are dangerous, we will have to buy shares in Dulux white matt paint and it is going to be a regular feature everywhere! 

This week in particular it is all about the minimalist home with heavy influences of the Danish style trends. Lots of white, grey and wood!

Having recently redecorated and cleared all surfaces, I really struggled to put things back in their place and having painted everywhere white, I was hard as I loved how clean, crisp and bright everything looked with no fuss. Interiors have always interested me and having always thought I was more of a country cottage style girl, I actually have thought that over the past few years, and since extending, I have really been minimising what we own and how we style things. With the walls becoming brighter and having painted furniture, thus hiding a lot of bare wood, I look around and think that I really enjoy this simplicity. 
We are all very familiar with the fore runners in styling the clean lined and minimal approach to home interiors. IKEA have been showcasing the best of Scandinavian style for years and years, encouraging us to hide things cleverly and live in a white world. I haven't been to Ikea in a long time but the reality is their style hasn't changed, they have been making that scandi-style accessible to anyone wanting to minimise and making it easy to have that way of life. 
In reality though, I am sure very few people go thinking ''I want to be like the Danes'', live clean and minimally. A lot of us do as it is cheap and practical and offers all sorts of combinations to suit our lives. Now though, Scandinavian style shops are popping up all over the internet and this beautiful plain style is more popular than ever. I must say, I am drawn to it more then ever and I only have to browse Pinterest to find images that truly make me want to rid my house of small knickknacks and replace them with succulents and copper accessories. The more I look, the more I want to delve into this area of the world that boasts beautiful interiors, gorgeous scenery, happy humans and a huge love for living minimally, but actually having so much more. I think I will be talking about the Scandinavian way of life more on this blog, so look out!

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