Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pure Light By Keeping It White FT VQ Radio

If you have read our blog before you will know that we have worked with VQ Radios a few times now. I must say though, it is because they 100% don't disappoint us. You may be thinking, "yeah, but you're given a radio, you have to say nice things". Not true, I wouldn't keep sharing their products if they were no good. 
VQ continually lead the way in terms of style, simplicity and elegance. Their radios not only offer good sound quality on their DAB frequency and Bluetooth connec but the look of them is so good that they just can complete a room. 

Now I am all for classic looking pices, their Retro Mini is probably my favourite shape, I love the colours of them and they have such a simple front design which makes the colours or Emma Bridgewater prints pop! Their Hepburn is larger and sleek and has fantastic sound quality, which I love and everything that comes out of it is beautifully clear. Now we have the opportunity to try their award winning Christie. I have looked at this radio before with a mind to buy it as a present for Rob. I love how it can sit horizontally or vertically on a side as it has a rotating screen. It can have a battery pack, meaning it can be taken either around the house or outside to give you your playlist anywhere. I also love that it has a leatherette surround meaning that once again, matching radios to you decor is that easy!

For me, the Christie just looks cool. It looks a bit more techy than some of their other radios and the fact that you can have it in cream really means that for our very white living area, this fits in amazingly. In fact, it is just what I wanted for the side as my other radios are so coloured, I felt it was too much to have against my simplistic decor. 

Once again the style input from VQ has gone totally noticed, and everyone asks what it's like when they see it. Having been the WHICH? Digital Radio winner 2015 it is safe to say that this radio speaks volumes in terms of technology, but also in looks, usability and just generally perfection!


*Post in collaboration with VQ.

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