Monday, 13 June 2016

See how they grow on a trip to Rand Farm Park.

It is almost scary how time is flying. I know these thoughts are in a lot of our heads, but as we enter the last half term of school I just can't quite believe Raphael has nearly completed his first full year at school. The thought that Etta will also be joining him in a year's time scares me somewhat now seeing how fast this last year has gone.
We went to a local play farm Rand Farm Park a few weekends ago and I captured some pictures of the children that when I then looked back at them just felt that they looked so grown up. 
When I started this blog Etta was 9 months old. I don't look back at my early posts all that often as they make me cringe a bit, but that is because I am so proud of the quality of photos I take now. But seeing their documented change is incredible and now just over 2 years on, the kids have changed so much and it is so lovely to see these children growing up so happy.

Rand Farm Park is a great place to spend a day with the kids. I don't think I had been there for over 10 years. Seems ridiculous as it is so local to us but we just never have taken the kids there until recently. They have been with grandparents though, but for me seeing it again was really funny. It has changed a lot since I was there.Their play facilities are amazing with indoor and outdoor play zones making it great for the changing weather. The farm area is also great with all imaginable farm related animals and some more special guests like exotic birds, tortoise and chinchillas. There are plenty for you to see and you can also feed most of them. This time of year is great as well as there are a lot of baby sheep, goats and cows to bottle feed which the children are allowed to do. You can watch cows get milked, sit with rabbits and guinea pigs, and take a tractor ride into the field so you can see the animals outside. 

Our kids are quite funny as they just adore playing so that is where they really wanted to be. Raph even sulked at one point when we went to feed the animals before getting in to it because he would just rather play outdoors for hours with his daddy. They have such a fab relationship. The outdoor play area at Rand is great. Lots to climb or bounce on and they even have a summertime sledge run. The kids understandably loved it! I however got hit with rubbish hayfever so took lots of photos while they played around me!

And when you are exhausted from all that there are plenty of places for picnics or you can eat indoors in one of their cafe areas. It was a really lovely day and the kids were so tired by the time they got home!
Well worth a visit.


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  1. Looks like you had a lovely day. It is scary how quick they grow, you just have to make the most of every minute don't you?


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