Friday, 17 June 2016

Giving a happy pastime to our children. (Alton Towers)

Emily & I have always loved rollercoasters, specifically at Alton Towers. A trip there has always been a biannual pass time for us for thrill seeking. With having children it's changed to an annual trip to the theme park for us 2 and an annual trip to the water park and hotel with the kids. However, now that Raph and Etta have got to decent heights (above 0.9m) we decided that this time on our annual trip to the hotel, we'd have a day at the theme park too.
I think Emily was quite apprehensive about this for a few reasons:
It would be a very long day for them, so could end in tears.
It could be miserable weather, so could end in tears.
It could be absolutely rammed with people, so mega queuing: tears and pestering.
But, I think selfishly for both of us, it would mean no, or very few BIG ROLLERCOASTERS! Tears.
We kind of realised that this is a time when we'd really be sharing, but also sacrificing something we really love, for our children. This is something parents do all the time, and for nothing other than love for their children.
Anyway, Emily thought it would be a long day going around ''Cbeebies Land''(we're Disney people). But it turned out, there really is loads to do, even for Etta aged 2.5, all around the park. We went on the Minetrain, the skyride and the monorail and spent quite a while at Cbeebies Land and the staff there were just fantastic. We had so much fun with them building forts, juggling, spinning plates, etc. and Emily and I were having so much fun that someone asked if we even had kids with us! We went on lots of small rides and small rollercoasters and looked at BIG ones, but we didn't feel too envious or disappointed because it was so fun doing what we were doing, and I suppose we both know, that soon enough, Raph and Etta will be 1.4m and we'll be taking them on Oblivion or Nemesis, so for now, we'll just enjoy the Postman Pat ride and The Runaway Minetrain!

Our day in pictures.


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