Monday, 13 June 2016

Reclaimed Leather Loveliness

It's not often that Rob just appears on the blog, but that is all to change. He has a great fashion sense and he is one of those annoying people that can pull on anything without thinking about it and look good. For his birthday in April I got him this really gorgeous Reclaimed Vintage ASOS leather bag. I really like the Reclaimed Vintage section on ASOS, it is really full of quite cool clothing and accessories. They often are old pieces that they refashion into something better so I really love that idea. 
When this bag first arrived you could really smell the quality. It had also been treated with linseed oil to protect it which smells great and it had that real leather feel to it. It did seem like it needed a chance for the oils to absorb a bit more so I just hung it up for a week or so so that it had the chance to 'breathe' out of its packaging. 
It is a really beautiful shade of brown to and it will probably age well making it a very personal piece.
As a gift from my husband I was quite happy to spend the money knowing that it was a lovely piece for him to have and keep. This style also was long and thin compared to a rounder one which is also on offer. This is great for layering up inside but it would also make a great overnight bag.
May be worth a look if you are stuck for a present.


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