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Mamas Blooms Newsletter Edition 7

Welcome to my monthly newsletter to support the #mamasblooms. The gallery that we started running ages ago is filling up so beautifully as it is always nice to reflect on it once a month and share how I am enjoying flowers in my life. This month I have got a real treat for you as well as we have had a family wedding since the last newsletter and I have been saving the flower pictures for this post!
I have also had the privilege of working in my Mum's flower shop on a big wedding and setting up for a different wedding, so I have had a very exciting time creating.

I won't keep you from the pictures....there are a few......but I am sure you will enjoy them all!

A Family Wedding

So my brother recently got married up in Preston which meant that my mum and sister, who were in charge of doing all the flowers, had a lot of work to do here at home and in the shop and then transporting and setting it all up where the wedding was taking place. Luckily these two know what they are doing and follow a plan that they had quite heavily thought about. They managed to get all the flowers up and set out beautifully all before we got there!!
I wanted to share the pictures still as they included some very pretty shades of peach and it is always lovely sharing wedding ideas. Enjoy.

Working in the flower shop on a pink wedding

I made a choice to leave the family flower shop at the end of last year and pursue another avenue of creativity in the form of photography for a small watch company, but every so often I get drafted back in to cover days or help with weddings.
This month the shop had a couple of big weddings on so I got the opportunity to go create. Having worked as a florist for nearly three years in the shop, going back in and just getting on with it is very easy to do. They are skills that you don't really lose, so picking up where you left off really does happen. 
I had the joys of working on the pink wedding; my favourite kind. It was also a Peony wedding which made me extra happy!
The main bulk of venue decoration had been done so it was just down to me to complete the order with doing the bridal party. When I work on a wedding I always try to focus on what the bride will want to have as a look. The brief for this was very whispy, but with the big, pink blooms popping. I used pink Avalanche Roses, Sarah Burnhart Peonies, tiny pink Spray roses, Astrantia, Veronica, Ami (dill), Rosemary, Green Bells, Lizzy and a small bit of Alstroemeria.
I always start with the smallest piece of the bridal party, so for this it was two young flower girls. It then helps me gauge the sizes going upwards with the biggest being the Bride's.
I also had buttonholes and corsages to make but they are best to make on the morning and they are just a few stems, so let them drink properly for longer.
I was really pleased with the finished pieces. As a collective it all matched nicely and with what had already gone to the venue the theme for the flowers ran strongly through. Here are a few shots of the bouquets.

Getting in the mood

As you can see there have been a few occasions for beautiful flowers through May for me in terms of other people's flowers, but here at home I have also had the opportunity to have some beautiful blooms in. Not only have I enjoyed cutting a bit of our dwarf Lilac, but I have had a few roses bloom and some Scabiosa. I also cut some cow parsley from the hedgerow which is always a bonus. I simply cannot wait until the garden is in full bloom; I will be enjoying Lavender, Hydrangea (4 different types), Veronica, Rosemary, Bay, Budlia, Wax Flower and Peonies (fingers crossed). It is so nice thinking I can just pick from the garden and bring it into the home.

Mamas Blooms Gallery

Once again, thank you for continuing your support in tagging your pictures over on Instagram. It is always so nice to see people getting creative in their own way. Here are some that have really caught my eye this week.






Keep tagging as it is always so nice to see the pictures pop up!

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