Wednesday, 29 June 2016

David Austin Roses

It was only on an eve last week that I sat researching David Austin roses.. From working in a flower shop I knew that they were up there as the creme de la creme of British grown flowers and that they can be expensive, but oh so worth it. The website was lovely, it very much made me want to travel down to his gardens in Wolverhampton and see the roses growing in the grounds. It all looked so beautiful and gave me a massive amount of garden envy. Looking at the prices for ordering fresh plants, I was not surprised, they were not extortionate, but expensive enough for something I could easily plant badly and write off. 
I showed Rob a few pictures and had a look through the different breeds there were on offer and decided I would try and get a couple in the coming month to plant up. 
Anyway, later that week I went to the Lincolnshire Show, a lovely local event that takes up acres of the Lincolnshire showground, showcasing all things agricultural and local, where I stumbled across some beautiful plant stalls full of roses and more importantly, David Austin roses!!

I knew I would be purchasing but deciding which were going to be the lucky ones was hard. I knew I wanted something really pink, but not like a fuscia pink. A bold baby pink, which would match the softer shades at home. After looking and questioning for a while I settled on a pink, blousy number which had a peach centre. The petals were just beautiful and that fullness was everything I wanted from a David Austin rose. This particular one was called Abraham Darby and just look how beautiful it is! 

Needless to say, the 3 buds that it had are now all blooming since it was planted and after all the downpours completely blighting my opportunity to enjoy this new flower in the garden, I decided to cut one of the heads and bring it inside to enjoy!

If you are wanting to add some spectacular garden roses to your garden, then I urge you to have a little look at some of the David Austin breeds. Really, they are just so gorgeous,


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